Sweet Charity, prop maker, The Jerwood Vanbrugh Theatre

Sweet Charity

Book by Neil Simon
Music byCy Coleman
Lyrics by Dorothy Fields (1966)

Director: Geoff Bullen

Designer: Ottavia Virzi

Prop Makers: Maja Döbling and Ellen Gould

The Vanbrugh Theatre, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, 2015


Welded metal trolley:


1960’s Coca Cola cooler:


Production pictures:

sweet_charity_spring_2015_ljc 233sweet_charity_spring_2015_ljc 217smsweet_charity_spring_2015_ljc 21510993406_870124913028997_8394005531433012490_n10987720_870125853028903_3656908192876827979_n10805679_870124556362366_307753981336799308_n





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